Because New Uniforms Help You Play Better (A&M Version)

Texas A&M goes retro with their new uniforms:

The stripes down the arms look ridiculous, just like they did the last time the wore them.  But, if that’s what you have to do to not look like Mississippi State, I guess you have to do it.


4 thoughts on “Because New Uniforms Help You Play Better (A&M Version)

  1. I kind of like what they are trying to do. They look progressive, yet keep the same color scheme. I’d love to see what a Nebraska uniform would look like with that format. But even with this update, these uniforms aren’t that remarkable. Maryland got it right: make an uniform that’s either amazing or hideous, and it’ll blow up Twitter.

    • I agree concerning the Maryland unis. If you’re gonna change, go big.

      I love the Nebraska uniforms. Hope they don’t change those.

  2. A bit garish, to say the least. Love how hard A&M tries to push they’re the “Texas team” and spends most fo the uniform design trying to one-up the Longhorns. I guess there are worse uniforms (actually, there are tons of worse uniforms). Just seems like the stripes were an unnecessary, over-the-top touch. Without them, I probably wouldn’t be as opposed to the Texas state outline they’ve added to the logo.

    • I remember the stripes from the late 70s and they were horrible. These aren’t as bad, but they bring back bad memories.

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