McCarron Speaks from the Manning Passing Academy

There’s a couple of interesting quotes coming out of AJ McCarron who was interviewed at the Manning Passing Academy.

First, the obligatory LSU blah blah blah:

“It’s definitely going to be fun. I love playing in Death Valley,” McCarron said. “When we played there in 2010, it was definitely a special moment, even though I was back-up. It was pretty cool to have that whole experience. You’ve got LSU fans on each side, tapping on the bus, shaking the bus, all types of stuff, there’s little kids out there, that’s what makes it fun. I love LSU fans, they’re wild.”

That’s not a bad quote.  Nothing there to get the opponent too fired up.

But check this one out:

“Too many guys got out of the team and into themselves,” McCarron said of the Crimson Tide’s 2010 team. “That’s not what our program is built on and that’s not the way coach Saban runs things. In 2010, the bad part of that was that we had so many big-name guys returning, that the spotlight was on all the big-name guys so it was kind of hard for everybody to focus on the team. This year, there’s no big-name guys. We don’t have a Trent Richardson, we don’t have a Julio Jones, we don’t have a Marcell Dareus, so there’s none of that.”

I think McCarron may take some heat for this one, although in general, he may be accurate.  For a 10-3 team that was only a few plays and a few minor injuries away from playing for a second consecutive national title, the 2010 team sure takes a lot of heat.  It starts at the top with Nick Saban, so if he thinks that’s what happened in 2010, then I guess that’s all that matters.

This quote kind of sounds like Richardson, Jones and Dareus were problems.  Like I said, if Saban says there were some attitude problems, I guess he’s right.  But from their reputations, Richardson and Jones don’t seem like the kind of players that let up that season.  I’m not sure about Dareus.  He had some off the field issues that hurt him and some nagging injuries that hampered his play and definitely hurt the team, but I’m not sure what kind of attitude he had.

I think in general this quote is accurate, but McCarron will probably wish he had not named names.


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  1. How to be Interviewed 101:Never mention names. I wonder why Saban never let’s McCarron speak to the media.

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