Michigan Questions

UMGoBlog.com details five questions Michigan has to answer entering the 2012 season.  Here are a couple that caught my eye:

4. What kind of production will Michigan get from the WR core?

Michigan is without a #1 WR, both figuratively and literally. Roy Roundtree is the most proven WR on the roster but the combination of a position change and offensive scheme reduced his effectiveness. The other WRs on the roster are either unproven, or lack “go to” WR ability. Will Roundtree be able to reproduce his 2010 numbers? Will either of the 2 incoming freshman be able to contribute right away? All eyes will be on Denard Robinson’s arm but the play of the WRs will be just as important.

2. How much has Denard Robinson improved as a passer?

Denard’s struggles in the passing game are well documented. Denard is now going into his senior year but despite that, major questions concerning his passing remain. Going into the off season Denard committed himself to reducing the number of turnovers and improving as a passer overall. While NCAA rules prohibit Denard from working with Al Borges on the field during the off season, Denard was given areas to improve upon. Those areas almost certainly included footwork, arm mechanics, and decision making. Denard’s improvement in those areas are critical in ensuring that Michigan enjoys the same or better offensive success this season. With Junior Hemmingway having graduated, the margin of error for Robinson has reduced significantly. Denard no longer has the luxury of throwing the balls up for grabs expecting a play to be made. Denard’s arm will have to make plays on its own.

I was unaware that throwing balls up for grabs was ever a luxury, but I guess when you have a talent like Robinson, something has to give.  Inexperienced receivers along with the possible suspension of their top running back puts an even heavier load on Robinson.  How he responds should be interesting to watch, especially in the season opener.


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  1. Glad to see you back. I am having a hard time commenting on your blog using a blackberry. (Same with Bluto’s blog). I don’t know if it is the site or my phone.

    In any case, I believe Bama beats Michigan fairly handedly.

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