Clemson from a Clemson Point of View

I would guess most Bama fans have pulled a bit for Clemson over the last couple of years considering who their head coach is and because they’ve played Auburn a couple of times.

It’s also no secret they’ve underwhelmed the college football world as well.

One of my favorite new blogs, Atlantic Coast Convos, takes a look a the Clemson situation from the perspective of a CU fan.  This paragraph pretty well sums it up:

If Clemson had a record like Auburn’s over the last two decades, both sets of Tigers could be spoken of at the same level. So while Clemson might deserve more respect than it gets, the solution is simple. Elite programs don’t go twenty years without a conference title, and they don’t give up 70 points in their bowl game. If Clemson wants to be considered an elite program, it has to play like one. The future looks brighter for Clemson than it has for some time, and maybe in this decade the Tigers will regain the place they held during the 1980s.

In my opinion, Dabo Swinney has a ton of pressure on him this year.  Will he be able to wear 70 points better than Fran?  Can he save the league by winning some games and helping to build back some credibility for the ACC?  It’ll be interesting to watch this unfold this year.


2 thoughts on “Clemson from a Clemson Point of View

  1. Thanks for the pick-up! And it’s interesting too to see Clemson folks actually talk about Dabo on the hot seat. Those who haven’t been following the program of late would think he’s brought them to new heights. But in actuality, he’s just giving a slightly better performance than they’ve seen in 20 years.

    Do I think he should be fired if they don’t go 10-2 and win the ACC again? No. It’s uncertain if they can get a coach as committed to the program’s success to replace him. But I’d agree with our author, Joel, that they need to raise the bar. If Dabo’s not ready for those heightened expectations, then maybe he’s not ready to coach there.

  2. Dabo will be fine this year as long as Sammy stays out of trouble. But I don’t think Sammy will have any more mishaps again, he is a good kid with a big heart. The real question is how will Venables do with a young defense this year….let’s go Clemson Tigers!

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