Falcons Looking for Big Things from a Healthy Julio

From the AJC.com:

We’re probably going to find out this season just how great Julio Jones is. He had a tremendous rookie season: 54 catches, 959 yards, eight touchdowns. Those are impressive numbers, even before considering this backdrop: 1) He was coming off pre-draft foot surgery that affected his offseason conditioning; 2) He was limited in work with the playbook and quarterback Matt Ryan because of the lockout; 3) He played much of the season with a hamstring injury that forced him to miss three full games and parts of others; 4) He was subjected to the play-calling of Mike Mularkey, who never utilized him in screens or designed nearly enough plays to get Jones the ball in open spaces.

Those are four pretty good reasons why Julio would have a better season, though the fourth is somewhat subjective.  And those stats aren’t bad, despite the time he missed.  Julio is such a physical receiver that it’s getting harder to imagine him going through a full season uninjured.