The Sad State of Kentucky Football

If you want to check the pulse of Kentucky football, or at least the mindset of the Wildcats fans, check this out:

Kentucky returned more than 2,000 tickets from its general allotment for the Governor’s Cup game at Louisville on Sept. 2.

A release sent out by Louisville on Tuesday morning said those tickets would go on sale at 10 a.m. Wednesday to Cardinals season-ticket holders only.

“The single-game tickets are from the 2,060 returned last week by Kentucky from their fan allotment of 5,500 for the game,” the release said.

UK-Louisville isn’t exactly the Iron Bowl, but c’mon.  Cat fans couldn’t buy 5,500 hundred tickets to a game against their in-state rival?  You’d think that many UK fans would buy the tickets and show up just to show off their basketball national championship gear.