LSU Writer: Tigers College Football’s Best – even without Honeybadger

Go ahead and tell us how you really feel:

They have everything in place to win it all: a user-friendly schedule; an NFL-caliber quarterback; and an experienced, talent-laden defense. Until someone proves otherwise, they’re the deserving No. 1.

I’ve got no problem with LSU being picked No. 1.  But c’mon, isn’t this laying it on a little heavy?  Zach Mettenberger has barely played college football and he’s already an “NFL-caliber” quarterback.  I’ve heard this before – the last time coming out of Gainesville, Fla. before the 2010 season. And we all know how that worked out.

LSU will do well this year, but I’m guessing we’ll see a balanced offense from the Tigers until Mettenberger proves he’s not a turnover machine.

Also, that talent-laden defense got smacked around pretty good last January.  And that team that did the smashing returns the best offensive line in college football, it’s own NFL-caliber quarterback, and a stable of running backs and receivers.