I’ll Bet You Would

Looks like Vandy is ready to scratch Ohio State off the schedule:

Vanderbilt is scheduled to open the 2013 football season at Ohio State, but athletics director David Williams would consider scrapping that if the SEC asks the Commodores to open with a conference game on national TV.

“I’ll put it this way: I love opening up on Thursday night,” Williams said Friday. “I think there’s some excitement that goes with being the first game of the year. That’s really cool.”

I think it’s cool to have a good game to open the college football season, but it’s not necessary.  After all, we’ve been waiting for more college football since January, so I think we’ll take what we get.  Towson and Prairie View A&M?  Cool.  As long as they are playing football, it’ll work.

But the SEC’s television partners apparently don’t feel the same way:

“My gut reaction is everything holds the same (with Ohio State), but I can’t say that for sure,” Williams said. “Clearly there is a desire from our TV partners to have more opening-week SEC games, and that has not been a tradition in the SEC.

“So they have to figure that out. If we need to have two opening SEC games, which four of you are going to give up your nonconference games so we can do that? Well, if it’s that important, somebody’s going to have to give those up. It’s still a work in progress.”

So there you have it.  A Vandy-Ohio State matchup would have been, um, interesting, but I guess not interesting enough for ABC to put on a Saturday night.  Instead, Vandy will play a Thursday night game against someone like Kentucky or Ole Miss so ESPN can fill up their SEC lineup.