Mississippi State’s Spin Doctor: Dan Mullen

Well, the stuff continues to hit the fan for Mississippi State.  On second thought, the stuff has hit the fan, but we’re just getting wind of it.

I guess you can decide for yourself if you are surprised or not.  I’m not surprised by much anymore.

As an Alabama fan, one thing that has been quite humorous to watch is how State has handled this matter in the press.  First, receivers coach Angelo Mirando resigns for “unforeseen personal issues,” and then head coach Dan Mullen, in response to a reporter’s question indicates that it was possible for Mirando to return at some point.  In the same article, Mullen was quoted as saying the reason for Mirando’s departure would be revealed at some point:

Mullen declined to reveal the reason for Mirando’s resignation, and declined to comment further.

“I’m sure down the road, at some point, much later on, we will,” Mullen said.

In addition to that, he basically called ESPN reporter Joe Schad a liar:

MSU coach Dan Mullen would not comment Tuesday on whether Mirando’s resignation is connected to the NCAA’s inquiry, but questioned ESPN reporter Joe Schad’s initial report, which included Redmond’s name.

“I would try to get a little more reliable source than Joe Schad,” Mullen told reporters.

Mullen went further, commenting on a report in November that linked Mullen as Penn State’s top target for its coaching vacancy.

“I’m supposed to be coaching at State College, I guess, right now, too, according to Joe Schad last year,” Mullen said. “Wasn’t that the case?”

Mirando didn’t resign for “unforeseen personal issues,” unless that’s the latest way to describe committing an NCAA violation.  Mirando was never going to coach at Mississippi State again.  No way, no how.  Regardless of what you think about Joe Schad, Schad had this whole deal pegged, but Mullen still called him a liar.  Did Mullen honestly think all of this would never see the light of day?

Over here in Alabama, there’s an old saying, “When you hit bottom, stop digging.”  Coach Mullen might want to give that some thought.