Norcalvol’s UT Prediction

Norcalvol does good work and you can see some more of it here in his preview of the 2012 Vols.

He thinks the Vols go 8-4:

A paper study leads me to 7 wins this season. But, from the recruiting results, to the new coaches, to the new defensive philosophy, to the thoughts of a healthy Tyler Bray and Justin Hunter for an entire season, and to the general vibe of confidence and togetherness coming out of pre-season camp, I feel reasonably optimistic for an additional win.

And the dismissal of Da’Rick Rogers doesn’t change that tally one way or the other.

I’m not quite that optimistic:

6) Tennessee Volunteers [4-8 (1-7)] – The recent Da’Rick Rogers news backed me off the Tennessee bandwagon a bit. Tyler Bray and JustinHunter (if he’s healthy) will be tough, but it’s just not enough. The offensive line will be improved, but the running game won’t necessarily be.  The losses will get started next week against N.C. State in Atlanta and will be frequent after that. I think Derek Dooley needs a 7-5 record to save his hide, but I don’t think that will happen. You can thank Da’Rick for that.