Paul Finebaum of the North

If you haven’t seen it already, you should take a look at this Minimus Opus from Detroit columnist Bill Simonson.

In an effort to drum up some attention, it follows the expected “my team will win all the games, our player is the best ever and your coach stinks” pattern that, ultimately, drums up some attention.

This may be my favorite part:

It begins with Alabama on Saturday night. Robinson will have a huge night in Michigan’s upset of the Crimson Tide. Alabama coach Nick Saban never has faced a quarterback who can run like Robinson.

Hoke and his staff know how big this game is. They are treating it as if it were a national championship game. Eight months to prepare for the Crimson Tide will be a factor in the Michigan win.

Defensive coordinator Greg Mattison also will be key in beating Alabama. He knows how to game plan against an opposing offense as good as anyone I’ve ever seen, college or pro.

Saban has won titles based on running the football, stockpiling talent and recruiting, and not a lot of out-of-the-box coaching.

Well, duh, certainly having eight months to game plan is a factor.  It’s not like Nick Saban and Brady Hoke traded film last week and decided to start thinking about the game.  And while Greg Mattison did a fantastic job last year, as I look back at his career, I only see one national championship on his resume, Florida in 2006.  Surely stockpiling and recruiting at Florida had nothing to do with that season.

The dig at Saban, which continues in the comments, is that he can’t win without talent, and that he’s somehow deficient in the Xs and Os department:

Although I don’t necessarily agree w/ the whole article I do like the points on Nick Saban and coaching… I do think our coaches have the edge there… I mean think about it, Saban has won NCs w/ ridiculous talent every time… If he was such a great coach, how come he didn’t win one in MSU or couldn’t do anything in the NFL? I’ve had this argument w/ other people before… I mean think about it, if you’re a decent or even bad coach, you could potentially win in the SEC w/ all the talent those teams get every year… I mean Chizik, yes Chizik, won a NC after not having many winning seasons at Iowa State.
Yeah, Saban should show everybody he’s a great coach by…not recruiting!
You have to love this stuff.  It means the season is getting closer.