He’s Back

The Honey Badger re-enrolls at LSU:

“I think (Mathieu)’s making some quality decisions for himself,” Miles said at his weekly media luncheon Tuesday as his team prepares to face Washington on Saturday night in Tiger Stadium. “My focus is about my team and preparing game week.”

Miles said he thinks Mathieu, a Heisman Trophy finalist who was dismissed from the team last month for multiple failed drug tests, has made good decisions for his long-term future in recent weeks. Mathieu, who is back attending classes at LSU this week and paying his own way, has been in a drug rehabilitation facility in Houston run by former NBA player John Lucas, who also battled substance abuse during this career.
I do hope Tyrann Mathieu has indeed made a quality decision, but there is reason to be concerned.  I’m no behavioral therapist, but does it seem like such a good idea to return to his old stomping grounds?  It certainly sets up well for Mathieu to return to the Tigers’ football team, but other than that, I’m not so sure this is such a good thing.  And if Mathieu isn’t a good influence on his former teammates, would you want him around?