Another Perfect Saturday

Alabama wins, Auburn loses.  That makes a perfect Saturday at my house:

Now, Mississippi State coach Dan Mullen has his first SEC West win against an opponent not named Ole Miss. You’d think that would be the big story coming away from this game. Instead, it was how awful Auburn looked on both sides of the ball. Yes, it’s a long season, but the Tigers’ conference slate has one win that, today, you could pencil in.

It’s astonishing, frankly, considering this program won a national title in 2010. Immediately, the talk is going to be about Gene Chizik being on the hot seat. Not sure it’s worth going that far, but it is worth pointing out that he’s 16-12 withoutCam Newtonand things won’t get easier as the season goes on.

Tiger fans had to be thrilled with how the Arkansas – Louisiana-Monroe game turned out.