Colin Cowherd on the Tide’s Schedule

If you were listening to the Colin Cowherd show yesterday on ESPN Radio, you heard him totally flush downplay Alabama’s chances of making the BCS title game this year if, by chance, the Tide loses in Baton Rouge on November 3rd.  The reason?  Alabama’s 2012 schedule stinks.

You know what?  Right now, I have to agree with him.

As of today, here’s what seems to be the consensus concerning the Tide’s 2012 opponents:

  • Michigan:  The Wolverines were exposed by the Tide in the season opener and face a somewhat difficult schedule the rest of the way.
  • Western Kentucky:  Despite beating Kentucky, here’s what you need to know – Sun Belt Conference.
  • Arkansas:  A total dumpster fire.
  • Florida Atlantic:  Like Western Kentucky, except a lot worse.
  • Ole Miss: Texas 66, Ole Miss 31.
  • Missouri:  In the news lately because of pain pills, but could be a difficult road game.
  • Tennessee: For two and a half quarters, the Vols looked like they were back.  By the end of the game, Derek Dooley was on the hot seat.
  • Mississippi State:  They could be 7-0 by the time they visit Tuscaloosa, but this isn’t a very good football team.
  • LSU:  The rematch is still on schedule.
  • Texas A&M: The jury is still out on this one.  It could be a tough game regardless of whether Bama wins or loses in Baton Rouge.
  • Western Carolina:  Western Kentucky, Western Carolina.  Same thing.
  • Auburn: The Tigers are bad and it’s hard to believe they’ll be competitive against Alabama.  Nationally, they are irrelevant.

There’s a tricky game or three in there, but that’s not exactly murderer’s row.  And without Florida, Georgia or South Carolina on the schedule, it looks even weaker.

But that’s ok.  The good news is that Alabama isn’t dependent on any of these teams right now in order to play for a title.  Win out and win in Atlanta and things take care of themselves.  The other good news is that this assessment is based on three weeks of the season.  As the season unfolds and other teams lose, a one-loss Alabama team may still have a shot at a title.


2 thoughts on “Colin Cowherd on the Tide’s Schedule

  1. Colin Cowherd is an idiot and an aubie (I guess that is redundant). Michigan is regarded as a bad team based on what we did to them. I guess we should have let them win so as to increase our strength of schedule. Arkansas is not as bad as they looked Saturday. Regardless, the bottom line: we win our games and the rest takes care of itself. We won’t sit out the BCS Championship if we don’t lose. We’re not irrelevant like say auburn.

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