Week 4 Review

A stellar 9-1 week to push the overall record to 38-7… 

Alabama 40, Florida Atlantic 7 [Prediction: Alabama 48, Florida Atlantic 7]

  • Pre-game: “Two questions for this game:  1) Will Alabama post a third consecutive shutout; and 2) How much will the youngsters get to play?”
  • Post-game: This could have been oh so much uglier.  No, there was no third shutout, but the youngsters did get to play quite a bit.

Rutgers 35, Arkansas 26 [Prediction: Arkansas 38, Rutgers 33]

  • Pre-game: “Tyler Wilson is back and the Arkansas offense should be too.  Rutgers is 3-0 and won’t be an easy win, but it’s do-or-die time for the Hogs.”
  • Post-game: Not even Cobi Hamilton’s 303 yards receiving could stop the Hog slaughter.  Things get uglier from here.

LSU 12, Auburn 10 [Prediction: LSU 38, Auburn 6]

  • Pre-game: “This game will be a measuring stick for Auburn and the results won’t be pretty.”
  • Post-game:  In terms of moral victories, I guess this one feels good for Auburn.

Ole Miss 39, Tulane 0 [Prediction: Ole Miss 17, Tulane 16]

  • Pre-game: “An SEC rivalry from yesteryear renews, but, unfortunately, both teams are horrible.  Hugh Freeze’s gang do just enough to ease past the Green Wave.”
  • Post-game:  If by “do just enough” I meant 39-0, then I guess I was right on.

Mississippi State 30, South Alabama 10 [Prediction: Mississippi State 38, South Alabama 24]

  • Pre-game: “State continues its roll through the Sun Belt by skinning the Jaguars.  If the Sun Belt expands again, the Dogs may want to give it a shot.”
  • Post-game:  State stays on pace for the Sun Belt conference lead.

Texas A&M 70, South Carolina State 14 [Prediction: Texas A&M 56, South Carolina State 3]

  • Pre-game: “The Aggies continue their feel good streak by hammering the out-manned Bulldogs.  SCSU lost 56-0 to Arizona last week, but will do near anything for money.”
  • Post-game:  Nice work, Aggies.  You beat a MEAC team by 56.

Florida 38, Kentucky 0 [Prediction: Florida 49, Kentucky 0]

  • Pre-game: “Some things never change.”
  • Post-game: Some things never change.

Georgia 48, Vanderbilt 3 [Prediction: Georgia 37, Vanderbilt 21]

  • Pre-game: “The Dawgs look to hand a little payback to the Dores.  They should do so with ease.”
  • P0st-game: Mission accomplished.

South Carolina 31, Missouri 10 [Prediction: South Carolina 21, Missouri 17]

  • Pre-game: “The Gamecocks do just enough to squeak by the Tigers in the Battle of the Columbias.”
  • Post-game: Gamecock QB Connor Shaw completes his last 20 passes in this win.

Tennessee 47, Akron 26 [Prediction: Tennessee 56, Akron 17]

  • Pre-game: “The Vols can name their score in this one.”
  • Post-game: Not exactly name-your-score fashion, but the Vols will take it.