It’s Been Fun

For those few of you who read this blog regularly, you’ve surely noticed a lack of activity recently.  The reason is because I’ve decided to shut the blog down for a while.

I started the blog as a creative outlet so I could dabble with a bit of writing about one of my favorite subjects.  To be honest, I’ve never had the time as a husband, father and businessman to really dive into any writing of any substance.  Accordingly, posts were usually blurbs pulled from other sports sites with a few comments attached.  That certainly took an amount of discipline to do on a regular basis, but didn’t amount to very interesting content.

So, I’ve decided to hang it up for a while, perhaps forever.  It’s been fun.  Roll Tide.


2 thoughts on “It’s Been Fun

  1. I really hate to hear this,but I understand. I am going to miss reading your insight.

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