This is Going to Hurt You More than It Hurts Me

The players recommended it and Nick Saban punched the tickets:

“When you’re in a situation such as this and you’re playing in a big game like this, you have to establish a focus,” Warmack said at Saturday’s Media Day at Sun Life Stadium. “In order to establish that, you have to make examples of some people. As hard as it is, you still have to do that.”

It’ll be interesting to see the long-term impact this has on the two players involved.  Saban commented on that:

“It was more difficult for me to carry this out than it may be even for the players because I love the players. I love the players on our team. I don’t really ever want to do anything that hurts a player. But does this hurt a player? Or does this help a player understand the consequences of not doing what’s been defined for you to do?”