National Championship Next Day Thoughts

In 2006, I took the family to Knoxville to watch Alabama play Tennessee.  My kids were young and really didn’t understand all that was happening, but I remember one of them asking, “Dad, will we ever win again?”

Of course, my daughter lacked any sort of historical perspective and didn’t understand the rich heritage of Alabama football, so she couldn’t be soothed by the memories of victories past.  And I have to say, I didn’t honestly know how long it would take for us to win again.

Fast forward six years and a few months later, and we now bask in the glow of three national championships in four years.  I grew up in the 1970s and never thought that sort of dominance could be repeated.  But it has.

To be honesty, I’m sort of numb.  Three out of four is hard to fathom.  Beating down Notre Dame 42-14 is hard to fathom.  Realizing that we are watching some of the best players to ever play at Alabama is hard to fathom.

A few comments on the game…

*** Manti Te’0 is a class act and has an incredible personal story.  He’s hard to root against.  Perhaps Te’o just had a bad game at a bad time – I guess his pro career will tell that tale, but if not, he appears to have been vastly overrated.  That’s not necessarily his fault.  I think the media wanted so badly for Notre Dame to be good and hitched their wagon to Te’0.

*** Eddie Lacy, now that he’s healthy, is a beast.  He was clearly playing through some issues early in the season and wasn’t full go.  The last two games, however, we’ve seen the full Lacy.  He’s big, strong, fast, quick to the hole and, of course, has the spin move.  Lacy will make a great pro back.

*** Alabama wanted the game on Everett Golson’s shoulders and that’s what they got.  He really didn’t play all that badly – 21 of 36 for 270 yards a touchdown and a pick, but in the first half the ND offense didn’t make plays when they needed them.  And there was really no way the Irish offense could keep up with Bama’s.

*** The Tide defense allowed 302 yards, with the vast majority of those coming through the air.  To me, that’s not on the defensive backs, but the result of a lack of a pass rush.  We need a dominant pass rusher in the mode of either Courtney Upshaw or Marcel Dareus.

*** Speaking of defensive backs, it was bold of Irish coach Brian Kelly to try to pick on Dee Milliner.  Does he know something the rest of the country doesn’t?

*** And speaking of Kelly, nice concession speech on the way to the locker room at half time.

*** I guess Barrett Jones could block Louis Nix III after all.

It’s the off season now.  Lord willing, we’ll have more time to discuss what just happened.

Roll Tide.