Another Thing Only Bama Fans Can Do

File this off-season blog post under the category of something only Bama fans can do…compare three BCS National Championship Logos.

Let’s take a look at them and then discuss…

First up, 2009:

2009 BCS National Championship Logo

Next, 2011:

2011 BCS National Championship Logo

And, finally, 2012:

2012 BCS National Championship Logo


The 2009 logo celebrates Alabama’s 37-21 win over Texas in a game played at the Rose Bowl.  This logo  incorporates a crimson canvass with white words and gray used to color the football.  All of that works well together, but the kicker for me is the use of the two roses on the bottom of each side of the logo.  The use of the roses allows a touch of green to be added, for the stems, and is a permanent reminder of the game’s location, Pasadena, California.  This use of green in the 2009 logo is the only color besides crimson, white and gray to be used in any of the three logos.

The 2011 version commemorates the Tide’s 21-0 win over LSU in New Orleans, Louisiana.  This version, like 2012’s, doesn’t include the word “Alabama.”  Instead it highlights “National Champions” in the center of the design.  The logo also subtly pays homage to the historic site for the game, the Louisiana Superdome, in two ways (at least to my untrained eye): 1) the top third of the logo resembles the Superdome’s iconic shape; and 2) the football in the bottom portion of the logo also has the rounded shape of the Dome.  (Ok, #2 may be a stretch.)  The ornate design on either side of the script “A” at the top of the logo also harkens to mind the similar designs included in architecture of the French Quarter.  This design, again like 2012, only includes crimson, white and gray.

The most recent logo commemorates Bama’s destruction of Notre Dame, 42-14, at the Orange Bowl in Miami, Florida.  It’s crimson, white and gray, like it’s 2011 counterpart, and rightfully highlights the Tide’s status as “Back to Back National Champions” in the center.  The only reference to location in this design is the use of two palm on either side of the script “A” at the top of the logo.

The year of each championship is also included on each logo.  It appears at the top for 2009 and at the

bottom for the other two.  Immediately following Bama’s win over the Irish, another logo appeared, but included “15” at the bottom instead of “2012.”  This version, however, seemed to disappear pretty quickly after the win.  I like the incorporation of “15,” but including the year is a way to specifically honor the 2012 team and does provide some historical perspective.

2012 BCS Champion Logo with “15”

Which is my favorite?  I have to say the 2009 version.  A 17-year title drought made me so hungry for a championship that probably any old logo would have sufficed, but the classic setting for the game, and thus the incorporation of the roses, makes this version stand out.

The 2011 version is a solid logo, but upon it’s release immediately paled in comparison to 2009.  Compared to roses used in 2009, the subtle references to New Orleans seem way too subtle.

The 2012 version stands out because of the back-to-back championships aspect, though, at first glance one does wonder if it commemorates both championship teams, or just the 2012 squad.