Pioli on Davis and Saban

Former NFL executive Scott Pioli recently weighed-in on the Nick Saban – Tim Davis kerfuffle.

Before I offer a snippet, let me give you a hint: you’re going to like what he says.

Say what you will about Pioli being part of the Saban family – he’s worked with Saban and also Bill Belichick, these comments provide the best perspective I’ve seen on this mess:

“[Davis] spends a year out of football, can’t get a job, Nick creates a position at the University of Alabama to help a guy who’s been unemployed he shows his loyalty to the guy, brings him in, creates a position, pays him. This guy made the choice to come work for Nick and now a couple years later, he’s bashing a guy who really helped him,” Pioli said.  “And to me this is something within the industry that I really struggle with, Mike, because I’ve see it happen to Bill Belichick, I’ve seen it happen to Bill Parcells, I just don’t understand the mentality of people who are given opportunities, they seize the opportunity, they get paid, and then some time in the future they start to air dirty laundry or their hard feelings toward someone. I just don’t understand why people can’t keep their mouths shut and move on.  So, to me, it’s one of these trends in sports that I see, that I just, truly
disappoint me.”

I don’t understand it either, Scott, and it disappoints me as well.