Upshaw and the Goody Bag

Coach John Harbaugh cuts quickly to Courtney Upshaw’s issue:

“He’s working really hard, [but] Courtney’s weight issue – which he does need to lose some pounds – is that he doesn’t eat right,” Harbaugh told the Carroll County Times. “Courtney eats too much, and he doesn’t eat all the right foods. He knows that’s something that he’s going to have to get a handle on or he’s not going to be the best he can be. He’s aware of it. We have everybody in our building involved in it. He’ll be in fighting shape. I promise you that.”

Hey, a lot of us have been there.

That’s a good mix of rebuke and encouragement by Harbaugh.  Let’s hope Upshaw can get with the program and not eat his way over to playing beside Mount Cody.