Just What Auburn Needs…More Lowder

According to some, Auburn needs more Lowder:

“More than any person I’ve known at Auburn, Bobby Lowder was capable of making tough decisions about athletics, no matter how controversial they might be,” Marshall wrote. 

“I’m not suggesting that Auburn find a power broker who puts the school’s academic well-being at risk. It is imperative, however, that Auburn find someone who has the perspective to understand how power affects athletics in this state.”

Yeah, I was thinking Auburn needed some more of that, too.  It seemed to work out well the first time.

There are a couple of things that flash like neon lights about this article:

* AL.com has posted a story, quoting a reporter from another sight.  If you need an example of their business model, this is it.

* Perhaps someone in the Auburn family isn’t happy with whoever is charged with making the tough decisions now.

* Or perhaps no one really is making the tough decisions.