Tuesday Time Waster

If you have a few minutes to kill today, make sure you check out College Football Datawarehouse.

I have the link in my blogroll, but haven’t visited the site in a while until someone mentioned it recently on BOL.

Here are a couple of spots on the site you might want to peruse:

* Alabama is tied with Nebraska for most 12 win seasons by a FBS program and is tied with Florida and Nebraska for most 13 win seasons.

* He may not be the all-time wins leader any longer, but coach Paul Bryant still owns the best winning percentage for major college coaches with at least 300 wins.

* Think the Tide has been on roll lately?  It’s not our best roll ever or among this site’s top 15 rolls.

* And if you want your mind blown, check out this summary of “best 25 year” runs.  Incredible.

If you visit, remember, I warned you.  You’ll drop an hour there before you know it.