“They could lay an egg.”

As I mentioned in my “Monday Thoughts,” if you try, it’s easy to think up some things to be concerned about related to Virginia Tech.  Hokie linebacker Jack Tyler touches on a few of these things:

“Obviously, we want to be the underdog, that’s not a bad thing to be,” he said. “We could have the positive of being overlooked. They could be looking at Texas A&M or Johnny Manziel like everyone’s saying. They could lay an egg. Or we could use it as motivation that we’re not getting respect and that the tradition of this program deserves a little respect.”

He’s actually absolutely right about these things and later notes what happened in the ‘Bama – A&M game last year:

“I think the biggest thing Texas A&M did was they got ahead quickly and it kind of got Alabama out of their run game,” he said. “That’s their MO. That’s their bread and butter. They like to stay in that and run it all day. They’re behind the sticks and they’re behind the clock and they’re not going to be able to do that. That’s obviously our goal. That’s our No. 1 goal every week is to stop the run.”
I don’t agree with him 100% here (because we have a nasty passing game), but I get his point.  Lots of teams talk about getting a fast start against the Tide, but the Aggies did and they needed every bit of that fast start to hang on and win.
In reality, Tide turnovers, sloppy defensive play and a miracle or two by Johnny Football created the fast start.  If Tech hopes to win, they’ll need a similar recipe as well.