Off Week Blues

It seems odd to face an off week after only one game, but that’s where we are.  Parts of last week’s game also weren’t so pretty, so I’m sure we’re all antsy for our team to hit the field again.

But then again, it helps, I’m sure to have an open week before heading to College Station to face Texas A&M.  And I’m sure it doesn’t hurt to have another week of film on A&M, even if it comes against Sam Houston State.

The last several years, our biggest game of the year has been LSU and it’s been the norm to have an bye week before playing the Tigers.  That usually leads to two weeks of talking about the game and the resulting information overload.  I figured that would be the case this week with a ton of Johnny Football and Aggie talk.  Well, we got a boat load of Manziel last week, but ‘Bama’s sub par offensive play and player off days kept our attention, at least fan attention, away from the Aggies.

For the second week in a row, the biggest game of the week for an SEC team involves Georgia.  The Dawgs opened with a loss at Clemson and now must face South Carolina at home.  Since Carolina opened the season on a Thursday night, it seems like forever since they played.  They had they own mediocrity to deal with – primarily on defense, so I’m sure they have enjoyed the extra practice time.  Georgia, meanwhile, has their season on the line against the Gamecocks.  A single loss to a highly-rated Clemson team doesn’t kill their national title hopes, but a loss to Carolina does – and probably kills their SEC title hopes as well.

Bouncing back from their emotional loss to Clemson will be tough, but I think the Dawgs win a close one.

The only other game of note involving an SEC team this week is Florida – Miami.  The issue for the Gators this year will be offense.  Not a lot was shown last week against Toledo, but not a lot was needed.  This week could be a little different.  Last week provided three SEC-ACC match-ups: ‘Bama – Va Tech, South Carolina – North Carolina and Georgia – Clemson.  The SEC took two of the first three – rather easily I might say, so it will be interesting to see how this game goes.  ACC football is normally weak so it would be impressive to break even in these four games.