Tuesday Numbers, Week 3

* The Florida Gators lost to Miami last Saturday, but don’t blame the defense.  Through two games Gators lead the SEC in fewest yards allowed at 208.50 per game.

* Third down conversion rate winds up with a strong correlation to winning the SEC title and national titles.  Georgia is in the thick of the battle for both titles, but through two games the Dawgs are only converting 35.71% of their third downs, good for 12th in the league so far.

* Bret Bielema is re-making the Hogs with a renewed emphasis on the running game.  After two games (albeit against weak sisters), the Hogs lead the conference in rushing yards with 312.50 per game.

* True freshman Alex Collins and sophomore Jonathan Williams are first and third in league rushing, respectively, with 151.50 and 138.50 yards per game.  Johnny Manziel is 38th in the league so far with 27.50 yards per game.

* The era of the Hurry-Up No Huddle offense has brought more attention to plays per game.  So far this year, Ole Miss (166), Missouri (159), Mississippi State (157) and Texas A&M (153) lead the league in plays.

* Tide punter Cody Mandell leads the league in average yards per punt with 46.44.

* Last year, Manziel led the league in passing completion percentage at 68.0%.  So far this year, Manziel’s off to another hot start by completing 70.0% of his passes.  Manziel was 21-of-23 passing in the first three quarters against Alabama last year.