Monday Thoughts, Week 4

Well, it’s Colorado State week, and I have to say, I’m not much worried about the Rams.

As of today, I see three main points of interest for this game:

1) The return of Jim McElwain, the Tide’s previous offensive coordinator. McElwain helped the Tide to two national championships and left ‘Bama on good terms after the 2011 title. The Rams are definitely catching the Tide at a good time and Mac can do himself no harm here. If they lose, it was supposed to happen. If they pull off the upset of Biblical proportions, he gets his name on the short list of Nick Saban’s possible successors.

2) I would like to see some semblance of defense this week after last Saturday’s gigging. Manziel or no, giving up a school record amount of yardage leaves a bad taste in the mouth and, hopefully, we can use the Rams to wash it out.

3) Can we finally get a cupcake game?  If you’re going to schedule an opponent like Colorado State, you’re hoping for two things a) a name-your-score win; and b) lots of playing time for your back-ups.  I hoping for both.  I think we’ve played a lot of new players already on defense, but I’d like to see more from our backup quarterbacks and running backs.

When I think back to the Texas A&M game, the first thought is the scorching our defense received.  That’ll be etched into the memory for some time.  The next thought – after winning, I guess, is that we seemed to have handled the hurry up no huddle Aggie offense pretty well?  By that I mean we appeared to get the defense set and be ready quicker than last year’s game versus A&M.  But I wonder if the HUNH had a bigger effect on the game than I’m realizing.  After all, a big part of Saban defenses has been being able to substitute liberally and being able to change defensive settings on the fly.  Surely not being able to do this had a bigger effect on the game than we realize.