A Few More Week 4 Thoughts

The slate for this week’s games looks rather blah, but based on reputation alone, this could have been a pretty big weekend.

The two biggest games are, by far, Florida – Tennessee and LSU – Auburn.  And it wasn’t all that long ago, at least for me, when those two games would’ve definitely been can’t-miss games.  I’ll try my best to watch, but the Gators and the Vols has the potential to be ugly.  Not necessarily ugly as in lopsided score, but ugly as in two mediocre or worse football teams.  Florida has a great defense, but can’t score.  The Vols can play both offense and defense, as long as they’re playing against Sun Belt teams.  Like I said, it could get ugly.

LSU – Auburn used to be a good game as well.  Like back during the Cam Newton days.  But now, there’s a mile-wide talent gap and Auburn will be lucky if they aren’t blown out.  Don’t get me wrong, Auburn could pull the moral victory like last year, but Zach Mettenberger is playing well, the Bengal Tigers have a running game and they are playing at home.  Auburn, to their credit, is 3-0, but have essentially beaten no one.  I’m no LSU fan, but I’ll be pulling hard for a beat down here.

The Tide plays host to Jim McElwain and his Colorado State Rams.  On paper, obviously, this game should not be close.  Unless, we have a hangover from the trip to College Station, it should be very one-sided.  It really doesn’t matter if McElwain knows all of the plays or not, the Rams are severely out-manned.  I’ll definitely be watching to see if the defense returns and I’ll be watching to see if Amari Cooper gets his groove back.  Other than that, let’s tune up for Ole Miss and be done.

How about this for weird?  Missouri plays at Indiana.  Vanderbilt plays at Massachusetts.  Arkansas plays at Rutgers.  For teams in the SEC that’s very unusual.  It’s a wonder Mississippi State isn’t traveling to Troy.