Ole Miss: The Good and Bad

On Saturday, the Tide finished off Ole Miss 25-0 and, in the process proving Black Bear quarterback Bo Wallace to be very, very wrong:

“Yeah, I think we can put points on them,” Wallace said. “I think we can put points on anybody. We just have to show up and play. It’s the same thing every week, let’s stay on schedule, control the tempo and don’t have any turnovers.”

Apparently, there’s more to scoring on Alabama’s defense than just “show up and play.”

The Tide’s performance against Ole Miss falls into two distinct categories:  good and bad.

On the good side, there’s the Alabama defense.  Heck, any time you throw a shutout, it’s good, but the shutout on Saturday was good on several levels.

* First, as noted above, it was a very nice response to a spunky Mississippi team.  One ‘Bama commentator noted earlier in the week that the Rebs’ yapping had a very distinct #Hailstate ring to it.  I couldn’t agree more.  While it wasn’t the worst smack talk we’ve ever heard, it did have the “if we talk about tit enough maybe we can defy the laws of physics” sound.  All sound, no fury, I guess.

* On another level, the shutout was a nice follow up to the stinker laid in College Station.  Giving up a record number of yards has a way of leaving a mark, so this performance was a very nice rebound.

* On a third level, it was nice to ring up a shutout against one of the vaunted “hurry up no huddle” offenses of this era.  This wasn’t a world-beater type Rebel team, but their head coach Hugh Freeze is considered to be one at the forefront of the HUNH movement and it was nice to hang a goose egg on him.

On the bad side is the Alabama offense.  The word that kept coming to mind watching the game was “discombobulated.”  The final stats were good enough, but, for the most part, the play calling was mediocre and the offensive line didn’t seem to play well, at least early in the game.  After the Virginia Tech and Colorado State games, I thought the offense was sandbagging a bit, but after Saturday’s game, I’m not so sure.  Now, I think, the offense just isn’t very good.  There’s plenty of talent, but there seem to be problems putting everything together.