Why It’s Ok to Play Georgia State

I guess we all saw this coming:

Once should’ve been enough, but guess who’s coming to T-town again Saturday? A Georgia State program in its fourth season of existence, its first year as a member of the Football Bowl Subdivision.

There’s simply no excuse, no legitimate reason, no plausible explanation whatsoever for what’s going to happen this weekend in Bryant-Denny Stadium.

There’s only one thing missing from this article – some blather about why won’t Alabama play Samford, Troy or some other in state school.

Look, I get it.  It’s a horrible game.  There’s absolutely no doubt about which team will win and the first 22 for Alabama would be better tested against it’s own second 22.

But for me, I’d rather see Alabama play just about anyone else than another in-state school.  Why such a hard line you ask?  Well, imagine if it was Troy in 2007 rather than Louisiana-Monroe.  Or what about UAB or Jacksonville State?  Gag.  We’d never hear the end of it.  I’m sure if you could find a UAB fan, they are probably still sporting a bumper sticker from a 1993 basketball game.  I just don’t see a reason to subsidize teams that are competing with you (albeit at a much lower level) in your own state.  If Alabama pays Georgia State for a W, how does it hurt Alabama if the Panthers become a stable program that one day (perhaps a long, long time from now) takes a recruit or two away from Georgia?  Right, it doesn’t.  But if you play a South Alabama or UAB, you are feeding mouths that would like nothing better than to bite you.