More on the Clinton-Dix Suspension

Well, that didn’t take long:

Alabama assistant strength coach Corey Harris has been placed on administrative leave after UA compliance department officials discovered he provided a loan to junior safety HaHa Clinton-Dix, a source confirmed Thursday to Alabama Media Group.

Wednesday the news broke that Clinton-Dix was suspended and a day later the reason floats out.

All in all, this is a relatively minor incident.  He’ll be suspended for a while – probably anywhere from two to four games – and he’ll be back in time for the LSU game.

Other fan bases, of course, will have a field day with this sort of story.  I can just see it now: OFFICIAL EVIDENCE THAT ‘BAMMER IS PAYING PLAYERS!!! or SABAN’S BAG MAN.  

To that I say, get real.  If Nick Saban or the University of Alabama was playing players, I can assure you, this isn’t the way it would happen.  There’s no way one of the school’s nine strength coaches would also have “the bag man” as part of his job description.  There’s no way, if ‘Bama was paying players, that you’d be able to trace the proceeds into the student-athlete’s checking account.  I can assure you the scheme would be much more complex.

No, this deal all points back to agents and their runners and if there’s anyone Saban doesn’t want hanging around his program it’s these folks.

Others may also criticize the timing of this,  After all, with Georgia State, Kentucky, Arkansas and Tennessee coming up, it’s not such a bad time for a suspension.  Maybe there is some merit to this argument and maybe not.  I can’t blame the team for waiting until now to suspend Clinton-Dix, especially when you don’t know how the NCAA will act.  But on the other hand, Alabama has a pretty aggressive compliance staff and I’m not sure they would care about the timing of any sort of suspension.