Georgia State: What I Want to See

We all know Alabama will win today.  I don’t think there’s a person on the planet – save for the one or two true-blue Panther fans – that would say otherwise.  This game is a placeholder.  It’s a name-the-score game.  It’s a W and it’s a let’s get it over and move on game.

But, no matter how awful the opponent, there are still some things to be gained from a Georgia State game.  Here are a few things I’d like to see:

**  I’d like to see the defense pitch another shutout.  Let’s continue to wash the bad taste from the Texas A&M game away and tossing two shutouts in a row is a great way for that to happen.  On paper, that should be easy enough, but even for an out-manned opponent tossing a shut out requires a great defensive effort.  I’d like to see that today.

** I’d like to see the running game perform better.  That’s another way to say I’d like to see the offensive line dominate.  Backup Chad Lindsey starts at center so I’d like to see him have an uneventful game.  And I’d like to see the left side of the line just overall play better.

** I’d like to see AJ McCarron sitting out the second half.  Uninjured, of course.  Next year, there’s going to be a gaping hole at quarterback.  David Cornwell, the five star quarterback in the next signing class, blew out his knee last night in a high school game.  So it’d be nice to get some of our backup quarterbacks some meaningful playing time.

** I’d like to see a better pass rush.  Our defensive line hasn’t played bad this year, but for the most part, we don’t hear from them.  I’d like for our ends and jack linebackers to introduce themselves to the Panther quarterback today.

That’s about it.  I feel like our main running backs will have a good game.  I think our receivers and AJ will put up big numbers.  I’m just looking for some gravy.

Roll Tide, folks.