Alabama – Kentucky: Rout Revisited

We all knew Kentucky was a terrible football team.  During the Nick Saban era at Alabama, we’ve come to expect domination of these terrible teams.  And that’s exactly what happened Saturday night in Lexington.  Domination.

And it could have been worse.

The Tide started the game in sluggish mode.  A punt on the first series was followed by two red zone fumbles plus a smattering of dropped passes.

Otherwise, ‘Bama would have scored 60 plus on this out-manned Wildcat team. When the Tide got rolling, it didn’t stop until amassing 668 total yards, 48 points, two runners with over 100 yards rushing and a quarterback who threw for a career-high 369 yards.  Add in the drops and he likely goes over 400.

Oh, and the defense didn’t play too badly either.  The ‘Cats were held to 170 yards and couldn’t muster a point against the first-team Tide defense.  So, all in all, not a bad night.

Before the game, I mentioned five things I wanted to see from what was expected to be an easy win.  Did they happen?  Let’s see.

1) I’d like to see a clear-cut dominating effort by the Tide defense.  Check.  This Kentucky team could have played all night without scoring on the Tide’s first team D.

2) I’d like to see some quarterback sacks.  Check.  The Tide mustered a season-high four sacks, with two coming from true freshman A’Shawn Robinson.  He’s nasty, folks.

3) I’d like to see the offensive line continue to gel.  Check.  Fill-in center Chad Lindsey continues to play without missing a beat and true freshman Grant Hill continues to work his way into the playing rotation.

4) I’d like to see the run game dominate games.  Check.  When you run for 299 yards on the road, that’s considered domination.

5) I’d like to see Amari Cooper show up.  Another check.  There was a sighting of Cooper in Lexington.  The sophomore caught three passes for 64 yards and showed that he may be close to being back to his 2012 form.