Week 9 Review

An perfect week 9 leads to a 68-9 record for the season…

1) Mississippi State 28 Kentucky 22 [Prediction: Mississippi State 31 Kentucky 17]

  • Pre-game: “Surely the Wildcats will rebound following a bye week and giving up 104 points in their last two games.”
  • Post-game:  Alas, Kentucky could not fight their way out of the bottom of the league.

2) South Carolina 27 Missouri 24 [Prediction: South Carolina 34 Missouri 30]

  • Pre-game: “The Gamecocks played lackluster, uninspired football against Tennessee last week, and lost.  Missouri is plowing through their own version of Murderer’s Row.  Though they’re playing at Mizzou, I expect the Tigers to come back closer to Earth this week.”
  • Post-game:  Hope you haven’t made those Atlanta reservations yet, Missouri.

3) Alabama 45 Tennessee 10 [Prediction: Alabama 35 Tennessee 17]

  • Pre-game: “The Vols are showing some fight this year and are headed in the right direction under Butch Jones.  The problem is, they don’t have the horses to run up front.  Alabama does.  This one may be close at the half, but the Tide will pull away.”
  • Post-game:   “Close at the half.”  Ha ha.  Good one.

4) Texas A&M 56 Vanderbilt 24 [Prediction: Texas A&M 38 Vanderbilt 37]

  • Pre-game: “This one should include a with or without Johnny Manziel caveat.  I’m guessing he doesn’t play, but that the Aggies’ defense will hang with the Dores better than they did against Auburn.”
  • Post-game: The Aggies made Vandy look like the Vandy we all know and love.

5) Auburn 45 Florida Atlantic 10 [Prediction: Auburn 41 Florida Atlantic 17]

  • Pre-game: “Carl Pelini thinks the Owls can hang with Auburn.  He’s wrong.”
  • Post-game:  So, Carl, how did that hanging with Auburn thing go?

6) LSU 48 Furman 16 [Prediction: LSU 48 Furman 6]

  • Pre-game: “Woe be unto the Paladins following LSU’s upset loss to Ole Miss.  Whatever a Paladin is.”
  • Post-game: LSU toyed with the Paladins for a half before crushing their upset dreams.

7) Ole Miss 59 Idaho 14 [Prediction: Ole Miss 59 Idaho 24]

  • Pre-game: “The Rebel Black Bears should fry Idaho.  (Get it?)”
  • Post-game: The Rebel Black Bears fried Idaho.