14 Thoughts for Week 10

14 Thoughts is the Tidebits version of a PowerPoll…

14. Kentucky (previous 14) – Another week goes by in the cellar for the Wildcats.

13. Arkansas (13)- The next five weeks for the Razorbacks mean four games against Auburn, Ole Miss, Mississippi State and LSU.  I don’t see a win in there for the Hogs.  Look out, 3-9, here come the Hogs.

12. Mississippi State (12) – Thank goodness for Arkansas, says Mississippi State.  Next up for the Dogs?  South Carolina, Texas A&M, Alabama, Arkansas and Ole Miss.  The only win I see in there is Arkansas.  For 4-3 MSU, that means bowling this season will come down to the Egg Bowl.

11. Tennessee (10) – Momentum, the Vols hardly knew ye.  Whatever the mo UT had after games against Georgia and South Carolina is gone.  The Volunteers sit at 4-4 with games left against Missouri, Auburn, Vanderbilt and Kentucky.  Unless Missouri totally tanks, I only see two possible wins there: Vandy and the Cats.

10. Vanderbilt (9) – The Dores aren’t an outstanding team, but they are solid.  If they can play just a tad of defense against Texas A&M, they may have a chance this week.

9. Georgia (11) – Todd Gurley should be back this week against the Gators, but I don’t think he plays defense.

8. Florida (8) – With the potential for four more losses on the schedule (Georgia, Vanderbilt, South Carolina and Florida State) this season is ready to blow up for the Gators.

7. Ole Miss (7) – Sitting at 5-3, a bowl birth is all but assured for the Black Bears.  With games left against Arkansas, Troy, Missouri and Mississippi State, the RBBs are looking great for at least a seven win regular season.

6. Missouri – (2) – Allowing 17 fourth quarter points makes a trip to the SEC championship game very doubtful for the Tigers.  Yes, Mizzou still controls its own destiny, but they have games left against Tennessee, Kentucky, Ole Miss and Texas A&M.  One slip and Carolina likely returns to the driver’s seat.

5. Texas A&M (6) – The Aggies don’t have a shot at Atlanta, but they do have a chance for a 10 win season.  Games against UTEP and Mississippi State should be wins seven and eight.  LSU and Missouri could be nine and 10.

4. South Carolina (4) – The lights are back on in Columbia, SC.

3. LSU (4) – The season maker or breaker is up next: Alabama.

2. Auburn (3) – Holy cow (no pun intended), do I really have Auburn at No. 2?  Yes, yes I do.  Why?  At 7-1, the Tigers are one of two teams in the West to control their own destiny.  Win out and AU is Atlanta bound.

1. Alabama (1) – The Tide’s trend line is straight up heading into the off week before LSU.