Tuesday Numbers, Week 10

* Talk about misleading: Alabama ranks seventh in the conference in total offense so far this season.  Think any of the Vols thought they were playing the seventh best offense in the league?

* Factor out non-conference games and ‘Bama ranks second in the league with 536.2 yards of offense per game.  Ahhh, that’s more like it.  Texas A&M, of course, ranks first.

* It’s also worth noting that South Carolina, when considering league games only, ranks third with 484.2 yards per game.

* The Tide defense continues to rank well in the conference statistics.  ‘Bama’s defense is allowing only 280.9 yards per game, good for second in the SEC so far.  Florida paces the league, allowing only 273.1 yards per game.

* Take out the league games, and Florida and ‘Bama still rank 1-2.  Want to guess who’s third?  Yep, the Gamecocks.

* Auburn fans Some would argue that defensive scoring numbers are all that matter.  Alabama and Florida again lead the league and Auburn does show up third with a surprisingly low 20.5 points allowed per game.

* Take out non-conference games, though, and the Tigers fall to sixth, allowing 29.5 points per league contest.

* Last year, A&M’s Johnny Manziel completed a sizzling 68.0 percent of his passes.  Some (me) thought he wouldn’t be able to improve on that.  So far, I’m wrong.  Way wrong.  Through eight games, Johnny Football is completing 73.0 percent of his throws.  Oh, and he’s averaging 10.3 yards per attempt.

*  Good luck to whomever has the job of picking the All-SEC receivers this year.  Mike Evans (48 catches, 1,101 yards), Odell Beckham, Jr. (48 catches, 1,009 yards), Jordan Matthews (66 catches, 890 yards) and Jarvis Landry (58 catches, 882 yards) will make that job a nightmare.

* How important is the pass rush?  I dunno.  Top defenses Alabama and Florida are tied for 11th in the league with only 11 sacks each.