14 Thoughts for Week 11

14 Thoughts is the Tidebits version of a PowerPoll…

14. Kentucky (previous 14) – The Wildcats get win number two, but it was over Alabama State, so that ain’t sayin’ much.

13. Arkansas (13)- Poor execution plus poor doused any chance for an upset win over Auburn.  There are no more wins left on the schedule for the Hogs.  Three-and-nine here they come.

12. Mississippi State (12) – Another big SEC game for the Dogs and another huge loss.  The 4-4 Dogs have Texas A&M and Alabama next up.  Without an upset in either of those, they’ll need to close out with wins over Arkansas (doable) and Ole Miss (probably not) in order to salvage a bowl season.

11. Tennessee (11) – So much for being competitive this year.  Auburn is next up, so the 4-5 Vols will likely need season-ending wins over Vanderbilt (not likely) and Kentucky (probably so) in order to bowl.

10. Vanderbilt (10) – What kind of season would it be if Vandy beat Georgia, Florida and Tennessee in the same year?  I dunno, but we may see it this year.

9. Florida (8) – Georgia hung the Gators’ fourth loss on of the season on them Saturday.  Five losses are now almost guaranteed (FSU) and six (South Carolina) and seven (Vanderbilt) are possible.  Florida is way too talented to be having these struggles – even with injuries.

8. Georgia (9) – Todd Gurley provided the oomph needed to beat a struggling Gator team.  Next up is Appalachian State and the season maker-or-breaker against Auburn.  Georgia is alive in the East, but barely.

7. Ole Miss (7) – Wins six (Arkansas) and seven (Troy) are up next for the Black Bears.  After that, we’ll see just how far Hugh Freeze moves the RBBs forward with season-enders against Missouri and Mississippi State.  Think a few folks from the East will be watching that Mizzou game?

6. Missouri – (6) – Missouri responded with a nice win over Tennessee.  The 8-1 Tigers get a breather this week against Kentucky, then an off week before facing Ole Miss and Texas A&M to end the season.

5. Texas A&M (5) – The Aggies barely broke a sweat in beating UTEP.  The same will probably be the case against Mississippi State this weekend.  After that, though, things get serious with LSU and Missouri to close the season.  A four loss A&M team?  No one would have thought that before the season, but it’s entirely possible.

4. South Carolina (4) – The Gamecocks are the best team in the East, but need some help to go to Atlanta.

3. LSU (4) – The Tigers took a week off to prepare for ‘Bama.  Their dream for a championship is gone this season, but they can knock a serious hole in Alabama’s dream with a win this week.

2. Auburn (2) – I don’t think Auburn is the second best team in the league, but they are 8-1 and they control their path to Atlanta, so here they sit.

1. Alabama (1) – The preseason is over.  It’s LSU week.