Final Thoughts: LSU

Well, when you’re Alabama all the games at this time of the year are big.  This one’s big on it’s own.  LSU.  Two losses or not, this is the only team in the SEC that can physically match the Tide.  They are big, strong, fast and have lots of skill players on both sides of the ball.  This year’s Tigers may be a bit younger, but they are just as big and strong and talented and fast.

With two weeks between games, that has been, of course, tons of talk and analysis.  But if you want to see how the game could go, I suggest you go back and take a good look at the last seven minutes or so of game time from last year’s clash.  [The video is below.]

At one point in the fourth quarter, LSU had run 74 plays to Alabama’s 47.  There are two things to blame for this.  One, Alabama’s offense played out of sync all night (until their final drive).  Second, the Tide could not get LSU off the field on third down.  As you will see in the video below,  third and six was not all that uncommon – and that’s usually where a Nick Saban / Kirby Smart defense wants it’s opponents, but Zach Mettenberger played huge most of the night and made throw after throw.  And despite all of that, the defense held the Tigers to 17 points.

So, here’s the dime store analysis for you:  the offense has to step up tonight.  Of course we need points (duh), but we need consistent play from the O.  We need to show the LSU defense we can move the ball on them, we need to put pressure on the LSU offense and make them play from behind, and we need to keep our defense fresh.  Makes sense, no?

T.J. Yeldon and Kenyan Drake also need to hold onto the football.

Like I said earlier this week, I think AJ McCarron shines tonight.  I also said Alabama 31 LSU 21 earlier this week and I’ll stick with that, too.

Roll Tide!