All I Gotta Say is…Tana!

Say what you want, but this is probably the play of the game…courtesy of Tana Patrick:



2 thoughts on “All I Gotta Say is…Tana!

  1. HANDS DOWN THE MOST REMEMBERED PLAY OF THE WHOLE SEASON!!! yet……TANA PATRICK GIVE US AT LEAST ONE PLAY TO REMEMBER FOR THE REST OF THE TEAMS WE PLAY BECAUSE YOU ARE A HIDDEN JEWEL THAT I JUST GOT TO KNOW YOUR NAME!!!! I AM SORRY!!! nick saban needs to let tana have one remarkable play for each game left because bama fans (that ive heard) want him to have a spotlight play here on out because HE HAS THE ABILITY THAT IS NATURALLY GOD GIVEN…..i am so proud for him and my family and friends will be watching patrick to appear from under the cloak and bamajama the other poor guy.

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