First Day After Thoughts: LSU

All in all, the game played out a lot like I expected, although I did expect the defense to play than they did in the first half.  LSU has some play makers and they made some plays.  Their defense isn’t dominant and, eventually, ‘Bama’s offense took over the game.  Once the Tide was two scores ahead and the clock was against LSU, the pass rush became much more effective.  The running game and play calling in general was a little out of sync in the first half.  I expected a faster start by the offense, but AJ McCarron and the offense seemed tight and the play calling was way too predictable.  

But in the second half, things wore on in our favor.  We decided to run the ball no matter what and LSU basically couldn’t stop it.  You gotta love that.  A few more thoughts:

* Wow, what a physical game.  No matter which is your team, we can all be proud of the physical, hard-fought way the game was played.

* If ever there was a targeting call to be made, Kevin Norwood was on the receiving end.  I don’t like the rule, but that was a text book example of why the rule is a rule in the first place.

* Funny how we found a pass rush once the Tide made them one-dimensional.  Getting up by two scores was huge because it shut down their run game and let the bulls loose.

* I was not a fan of the first quarter play calling.  Maybe the holding call on the opening kickoff took ‘Bama out of its offensive game plan, but the offense was way too predictable for much of the first half.  And, again, that played right into the hands of LSU’s offense.

* I wasn’t a fan of the clock management at the end of the first half, either.

* T.J. Yeldon ran like a beast and Kenyan Drake complemented Yeldon perfectly.  Yeldon is a hoss and Drake runs like a 100 mile per hour fastball.

* Did ‘Bama drop like four interceptions?

* Not a fan of Zach Mettenberger mouthing to the crowd on the way to locker room at half time.  He might want to save that for after the game.

* The Tide should also jump a few notches in the sack category as well.