14 Thoughts for Week 12


14 Thoughts is the Tidebits version of a PowerPoll…and at this point in the season things get a bit crazy…

14. Kentucky (previous 14) – The Wildcats came back to earth with a beating at the hands of Missouri.  The ‘Cats would probably call the season now if they could.  They can’t, so next up is Vanderbilt, Georgia and Tennessee.

13. Arkansas (13)- The Hogs just aren’t very good.  They have an open week followed by Mississippi State and LSU.  The Pigs could squeak out win number four if State has a let down following the ‘Bama game.

12. Tennessee (11) -Well, the Volunteers are out of wiggle room if they want to go bowling.  Butch Jones will have to channel him some Vince Lombardi just to get this bunch by Vanderbilt in two weeks.  The season ender is against Kentucky.

11. Mississippi State (12) – Hey, hey, hey look who moved up a spot.  Following a loss, no less.   I guess that’s what happens when you get beat and at least look respectable unlike Tennessee.

10. Florida (9) – I hate to say I told you so, but I told you so.  If the Gators want to go bowling, all they have to do is beat Georgia Southern (not a gimme) and pick off either South Carolina (this week) or Florida State (season ender).  I’m guessing no bowl and at Florida, that takes some work.

9. Vanderbilt (10) – This bears repeating from last week: “What kind of season would it be if Vandy beat Georgia, Florida and Tennessee in the same year?  I dunno, but we may see it this year.”  It’s looking more and more likely.

8. Ole Miss (7) – Win number seven should be coming up next against Troy.  The the Blacks Bears will have a bunch of Georgia Bulldogs fans on their side as they try to upset Missouri and throw the Dawgs back into the SEC East lead.

7. Georgia (8) – Georgia is bowl eligible and ranked again.  If the Dawgs want a shot at Atlanta again, they’ll have to knock off Auburn in Auburn this week.

6. LSU (3) – Record-wise, the Tigers have taken a step back this year.  They have their second off week of the season coming up to prepare for Texas A&M.  The Tigers better get serious or they’re looking at a four loss season.

5. Texas A&M (5) – The Aggies also have an off week this week to get ready for LSU.  After that, it’s the season-ender at Missouri.  Obviously, the next two games will determine if this is a good or great year for the Aggies and could decide if Johnny Manziel becomes the second two-time Heisman winner.

4. Missouri – (6) – Well, Mizzou are you real or not?  You get an off week to help with your final two tests, Ole Miss and Texas A&M.  What a way to wrap up the season.  My guess is the Tigers beat Ole Miss, but fall to A&M.

3. South Carolina (4) – This has turned out to be a fairly quiet season for the Gamecocks, though it didn’t start that way.  Remember all the Jadeveon Clowney talk at the beginning of the season?  Seems like a long time ago.  The ‘Cocks need some help in order to get to Atlanta and they’ll likely get some.  UGA, as mentioned above, heads to Auburn this week and Missouri has a stout end of the schedule.  

2. Auburn (2) – How good is Auburn?  Good enough to be 9-1 and ranked seventh in the country.  The Tigers easily dispatched of the Vols and face a final stretch of Georgia and Alabama.  

1. Alabama (1) – The Tide dominated LSU and now heads to Starkville take on the Bulldogs.  After that, it’s Chattanooga and Auburn.