Week 11 Review

Heading out of LSU week with an 80-10 record…

1) Vanderbilt 34 Florida 17 [Prediction: Florida 21 Vanderbilt 20]

  • Pre-game: “Is Will Muschamp coaching for his job now?  Probably not, but he better pretend like he is.”
  • Post-game:  Coach Muschamp, that’s what a hot seat feels like.

2) Georgia 45 Appalachian State 6 [Prediction: Georgia 41 Appalachian State 10]

  • Pre-game: “This is basically an off week for the Dawgs between Florida and Auburn.”
  • Post-game: This was basically an off week for the Dawgs between Florida and Auburn.

3) Missouri 48 Kentucky 17 [Prediction: Missouri 52 Kentucky 13]

  • Pre-game: “Mizzou gets their final breezer of the season before trying to win the East against Ole Miss and Texas A&M.”
  • Post-game: Thankfully, for Kentucky fans, basketball season has started.

4) Auburn 55 Tennessee 23 [Prediction: Auburn 38 Tennessee 14]

  • Pre-game: “After some mid-season momentum, Tennessee is in line for the third beating in a row.”
  • Post-game: The third beating in a row for Tennessee.

5) Alabama 38 LSU 17 [Prediction: Alabama 31 LSU 21]

  • Pre-game: “This one won’t be easy, but the Tide should pull it out.”
  • Post-game:  The Tide pulled it out, indeed.

6) Ole Miss 34 Arkansas 24 [Prediction: Ole Miss 34 Arkansas 20]

  • Pre-game: “The Hogs played better against Auburn last week, but the beatings will continue this week against the Black Bears.”
  • Post-game: For the Hogs, the beatings will continue until morale improves.

7) Texas A&M 51 Mississippi State 41 [Prediction: Texas A&M 56 Mississippi State 21]

  • Pre-game: “Miracles can and do happen, but not this week for the Dogs.”
  • Post-game: Nope, no miracles this week.