Week 13 Review

A 6-2 mark for wee 13 means we head into Iron Bowl week with an 90-13 record…

1) Georgia Southern 26 Florida 20 [Prediction: Florida 30 Georgia Southern 10]

  • Pre-game: “The Gators’ bowl hopes will remain alive after beating the Eagles.”
  • Post-game:  Um, no.  That smell?  Oh, that’s Will Muschamp’s hide on the hot seat.

2) Georgia 59 Kentucky 17 [Prediction: Georgia 42 Kentucky 28]

  • Pre-game: “How will the Dawgs respond after an excruciating loss at Auburn?  Don’t know, but thankfully they are playing woeful, but improving Kentucky.”
  • Post-game: Hopefully, Aaron Murray’s knee is okay.

3) Missouri 24 Ole Miss 10 [Prediction: Missouri 38 Ole Miss 28]

  • Pre-game: “This match up between the 9-1 Tigers and the 7-3 Black Bears is essentially a quarterfinals game for Mizzou in the SEC playoff bracket.  Win and they must beat Texas A&M next week to reach the finals.”
  • Post-game: Mizzou stays alive for one more week.

4) South Carolina 70 Coastal Carolina 10 [Prediction: South Carolina 41 Coastal Carolina 20]

  • Pre-game: “The Gamecocks vs. Chanticleers.  This is just a match up of fancy chickens, folks.  Either way, Carolina wins.”
  • Post-game:  70 points should help the ol’ scoring average.

5) Vanderbilt 14 Tennessee 10 [Prediction: Vanderbilt 17 Tennessee 16]

  • Pre-game: “The Commodores are already bowl-eligible, but the Volunteers only have four wins and need this one bad.  Won’t matter.  Vandy’s just a better team right now.”
  • Post-game:  The season of all seasons continues for Vandy:  wins over Florida, Georgia and Tennessee in the same season.

6) Alabama 49 Chattanooga 0 [Prediction: Alabama 49 Chattanooga 3]

  • Pre-game: “This one’s all about keeping folks healthy and getting the young ‘uns some playing time.”
  • Post-game: Check.

7) LSU 34 Texas A&M 10 [Prediction: Texas A&M 47 LSU 46]

  • Pre-game: “The Aggies live for games like this and the Tiger offense can score a lot of points.  Should be a good one.”
  • Post-game:  “The Aggies live for games like this.”  HAHAHAHAHAHA

8) Mississippi State 24 Arkansas 17 [Prediction: Mississippi State 20 Arkansas 17]

  • Pre-game: “State, like Florida and Tennessee, has run out of wiggle room.  Beat the Hogs and the bowl hopes are alive.  Lose and the Egg Bowl will be the season-ender.”
  • Post-game: Great game, I guess, but it’s still a loss for the Hogs.