Wednesday Thoughts: Auburn

This week’s Wednesday Thoughts are consumed with this Saturday’s game, the Iron Bowl, against 10-1 and No. 4 Auburn…

To me, this game boils down to just a few things:

1) Turnovers.  As we’ve said before, turnovers make things close and the best way for Auburn to keep this game close is for ‘Bama to turn the ball over.  That’s Football 101, but it applies double here.

2) Auburn’s running game.  If they get anywhere close to their game average of 320.27 yards, obviously, we’ve got big troubles.

3) Auburn’s vertical passing game.  Auburn won’t junk their running game just because ‘Bama plays the run well.  They will mix in the passing game, and that will most likely be down-the-field and at our cornerbacks.

4) Alabama’s offense.  If Alabama plays well on offense, we’ll mostly likely win going away.  Auburn will move the ball some on our defense, but I don’t think they will gash us or score a ton.  If the Tide offense gets in a rhythm and doesn’t turn the ball over, look out, this game won’t be close.

It’s pretty simple, really.

Roll Tide!