Like Waking From a Drunken Stupor with a Bad Tattoo

Has the shock worn off yet?

I think maybe it has for me.

Shock is part of the body’s way to help you get through stuff.  That’s not too scientific; it’s just my take on it.

Saturday evening was about trying to breathe and not doing anything stupid.That worked for some of us and not for others.  Sunday morning was about making it through church without saying something stupid to someone.  Sunday evening was about trying to stay busy – kid’s practice, buying a Christmas tree, trying to stay away from the television and other people.

Because of how horrible some of us were to ‘Bama kicker Cade Foster on social media, some of us used yesterday to help regain our perspective on things.

But today, the reality starts to sink in and come alive.  Like pulling a bandage off a hairy leg.  Like the day after your girlfriend breaks up with you.  Like waking up from a drunken stupor with a bad tattoo (with any tattoo for that matter).

This hurts and it ain’t going away.

Today as we wake up and reenter society, the realization starts to hit.  That we lost.  How much we lost.  And, of course, how we lost.

That we lost.  Fact is, we haven’t lost many games over the last few years and the last couple of years, we’ve absolutely destroyed Auburn.  So it’s somewhat shocking to wake up and realize a year after 49-0 that we lost.

How much we lost.  Hey folks, you can run as many scenarios as you want, but there isn’t a feasible one where we play for a title this year.  It ain’t gonna happen.  We lost a lost a lot.  No SEC title.  No national championship.  No three-peat.

How we lost.  There’s nothing in your emotional system to prepare you for how we lost.  They could have blocked the field goal and run it back for a score.  We could have passed the ball on the final play and it could have been a pick six.  We could have lost in overtime.  Believe it or not, you have something in your emotional tank to get ready for this.  But you don’t have anything to prepare you for a missed field goal returned 109 yards for a touchdown.

In the “how we lost” category, you’ll also find a bucket load of shoulda-woulda-couldas.  Missed field goals.  Dropped passes.  Missed assignments.  Stupid penalties.  Bad play calling.  Playing on their end of the field in the fourth quarter with no points to show for it.  Brother, those things in the coming months and years will sting as we ponder them.



2 thoughts on “Like Waking From a Drunken Stupor with a Bad Tattoo

  1. The pain of losing just doesn’t go away. Those of us who are old remember the Punt Bama Punt game as if it happened this weekend. We lost to an inferior team–a team we should and could have beaten. If you lose to a better team, you tip your hat and work harder. If you give a game away…and we did, both on the field and especially on the sideline, there isn’t anyone to blame.

    One thing I wish a game like this would do (though I know it won’t) is put to rest the silly conventional line that the refs favor Bama in big games. It’s still our fault that we lost, but Auburn had at linemen downfield on that last touchdown pass and I’m still not completely sure Marshall didn’t have the ball past the line of scrimmage when he threw it either. We didn’t get a single break. The one call they got right–putting :01 back on the clock–wasn’t a gift…and because of what may be the single worst in game coaching decision of Nick Saban’s career, cost us the game.

    It just isn’t going to feel better tomorrow. it will feel even worse if OSU goes down to Michigan State and we sit home while the fifth or sixth best team in the SEC plays for a national title.

    • Great comment.

      I have a feeling this one may last longer than Punt Bama Punt, too.

      I’m sure there were bad calls both ways, but a greater pain is knowing we had a chance to hammer the nail in the fourth and didn’t do it.

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