Morality Police At Work

The pressure continues on Daniel Snyder and the Washington Redskins to abandon their nickname:

“As faith leaders in our nation’s capital, we feel we must take a stand on an important moral issue at the forefront of local and national consciousness: the offensive and inappropriate name of Washington’s NFL team,” the letter states. “The derogatory term ‘redskin’ offends many Native Americans and others in this country. This word, defined in the dictionary as a slur, should not be publicly marketed and celebrated in America, which is built on the ideals of respect and inclusion.”

I’m from the southern part of these here United States, and an Alabama fan, so I realize that disqualifies me from an opinion on this “important moral issue at the forefront of local and national consciousness,” but I’ll give it a shot anyway.

First, I’m not sure this is indeed a moral issue.  It seems to me that folks usually pick a nickname for their team for which they have some fondness.  Usually you don’t pick as a nickname something for which you are trying to use as an insult.

You don’t see the Nashville Bedwetters or Tacoma Baldies as team names.  You don’t see the New Jersey N-Words or the Philadelphia Phatties.

So…I’m guessing that way back when – you know, when we were much more insensitive, that whoever picked the Redskins nickname probably did it because they were proud of the connotation.

Now, being the savvy intellect that I am, I would never dream of calling anyone -regardless of their actual skin color – a redskin.  You know why?  Because I wouldn’t consider that to be insulting.  Not that it isn’t to some people, it’s just that I have positive ideas about the name because of it’s use as a team name.

Here’s my way of thinking, too.  Hey, if you don’t want me to call you by a name, I’ll do my best not to.  Heck, I don’t want to go around offending people.

But at the same time, folks, lighten up.  We have way more important moral issues that need to be fought than this particular one.  Something tells me the nickname Austin Abortionists wouldn’t offend these same morality police.


A Bammer