Fluke is as Fluke Does?

Today, Kevin Scarbinsky points out to us that this Auburn team isn’t a fluke:

Call it The Return. Kick, Bama, Kick. Destiny 34, Dynasty 28. Whatever you call the Mother of all Endings to the Mother of All Iron Bowls, don’t call it a fluke.

Auburn’s better than that.

You don’t go 11-1 in the Southeastern Conference totally or primarily on luck. The league that’s won seven straight BCS national titles is too good.

You don’t advance to the SEC Championship Game, especially from the Western Division, through good fortune. Not when you have to go through the likes of Alabama, Texas A&M and LSU.

You don’t rise from unranked in the preseason, without receiving a single vote in the USA Today or AP polls, to No. 3 in the penultimate BCS standings because your quarterback found a rabbit’s foot or your coach picked up a lucky penny.

Auburn’s much better than that, and the Tigers proved it in the biggest college football game of the season, the biggest Iron Bowl of all time. The road to Atlanta goes through Alabama, and Auburn took the high road to the Georgia Dome.

Meh, whatever.

I don’t hear many people calling this year’s Auburn team a fluke.  I think what Scarbinsky may be hearing is that Auburn beat Georgia, and especially Alabama, on fluke plays.  As today’s Wall Street Journal notes:

Alabama is the two-time defending national champion and its only blemish this season was a last-second loss on the road to archrival Auburn. Let’s be honest: Alabama is still the best team in college football.

Auburn’s year isn’t a fluke, but luck, now there’s another story…