“He’s the guy for the next few years and he’s got tons of talent”


A bunch of kickers?

Those words describe Alabama place kicker Adam Griffith, he of the missed field goal at the end of the Auburn game.  So do these:

Shortly afterward, Saban explained his reasoning in matter-of-fact fashion. Griffith, he said, “makes them from 60 in practice, so there was a shot.” The wind was at his back, too.

Lamb didn’t need an explanation for why Saban went with Griffith rather than Foster or a Hail Mary attempt on a night that saw Foster miss two field goals and have another blocked.

“He’s got such a very strong leg,” Lamb said. “I think what separates him from a lot of kickers is the height he gets on the ball so fast. He gets the ball up in the air very, very quickly. Even on his long kicks, that’s what he does. I think that’s the difference in him and a lot of kickers.”

That’s all fine and good, but having a kicker on the sideline with such promise doesn’t make one feel better after the kicking game struggled so much.

Sure, Cade Foster only missed one kicked heading into the final game, but kickers are a squirrely bunch and we’ll always wonder if Nick Saban left him in for one kick too many.  On the other hand, had Foster attempted the last kick, he would have likely tackled the guy running with the ball.