McCarron’s Case for the Heisman

Will AJ have a room in the Heisman House?

He’s a long shot, but he’s in the top six and AJ McCarron will be headed the Heisman Trophy awards show in New York City this weekend.

McCarron was asked to make his case for the Heisman and reports this:

Asked to make his pitch for the Heisman on Tuesday, McCarron responded: “I don’t think I need to state my own case. I think if you look at my play over three years, I feel like no quarterback in the SEC or the country has played as consistent as I have. I think the numbers do the talking. When you look at my stats against top-10 ranked teams, I don’t think anybody’s stats compare to mine.

“I just let my stats and play do the talking and sit by the side I guess.”

Sounds like a player coached by Nick Saban.  He says he doesn’t need to state his case and then does in his own way.  But it’s a good answer.

There’s no one in the country with the resume’ of AJ McCarron: quarterbacking two national title teams and serving as the primary backup on a third.  He may have some nutty tattoos, but he also hasn’t been arrested and hasn’t spent his off seasons romping from one pile of trouble to the next.

But he won’t win on Saturday.  He probably didn’t have much of a chance at all, but any chance he had ended with the loss in Auburn.