Knives Don’t Kill People…

Knives don’t kill people, people kill people, right?  Or maybe they just maim them:

At least three people — and possibly four — were stabbed in the parking lot of Sports Authority Field at Mile High amid a large fight following the Broncos’ loss to the Chargers on Thursday night.

One person was in critical condition and two people were stable, but the injuries were not believed to be life-threatening, Denver police said. Police believe a fourth victim who has not come forward was also stabbed. The three victims are men.

Three people were arrested, and Denver police said they didn’t believe any other suspects were at-large.

A police spokesperson also made sure to point this out:

“I don’t know if this is game-related or what caused this.”

Gee, I don’t know either.  I mean, the Denver Broncos had just lost to the San Diego Chargers 27-20, and it was in one of the stadiums parking lots, but who knows what caused this.  What on earth could have caused this?

This comes on the heels of a shooting following the Alabama – Auburn game and rioting following Michigan State’s recent win over Ohio State.

Nothing like a sporting event to help us lose our sanity.